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  1. timmah says:

    Firstly I am truly impressed by the sheer volume of awsome guild names you came up with.
    While I have nothing against Aus Serenity, I have to mention that I think “I Blame Mesmers(IBM), Attack of the munchies [NOMS] and Order Of Peace and Serenity [OOPS] would be truly awsome aswell. Anyone care to back me fully or shout me down entirly?

    • Melana says:

      I have a fondness for the [OOPS] tag too.

      Just to make it clear – it’s dead simple to migrate the site to another name, so we’re NOT stuck with Serenity just because I got the site started. So the name is still wide-open for change.

      My preferences:

      • Humourous: the [OOPS] tag in any form, Attack of the munchies [NOMS], Fellowship of the [PING].
      • Serious: Luminous [LUX], Eternity [EON] or [ERA], AUS Serenity [AUS].
  2. Lhi says:

    I am kind of keep on the OOPS tag. It kind of characterises the way I play. lol

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