GW2: ArenaNet Post on the Virtual Economy

ArenaNet have released a post with details that they observed on the game economy in the betas here:

Interesting tidbits:

  • Breakdown of gold earned…31% came from daily/monthly/map achievements, 25% from dynamic events, and 23% from renown hearts. Kills and storyline didn’t account for much in comparison to those sources of income.
  • LOTS more people were choosing to learn Jewelery than any other craft, with Tailoring and Leatherworking (for armour) being the next highest common crafts.
  • Crafting materials accounted for almost half of all trading post sales (46%), with weapons (20%) being the next most common purchase/sale.

Region Locks, Worlds and Guesting

Hi everyone,

ArenaNet have now published details on how the regional locks, world choice at start, and guesting will work for release here:

The 2-cent summary is:

  • The region lock applies to where you can register your game account from. After account registration, you can travel the world and connect from anywhere. (Not likely to affect us, unless someone’s heading to Europe in the next week or two).
  • You will be able to move home world for free for the first few days/weeks until world populations stabilise. After that point, world changes will be restricted to 1 per week, and cost a varying amount of gems depending on the population size of the world you are changing to.
  • Guesting will NOT be ready for release, but will be coming “in time”. When guesting on another world, you retain your own home world’s WvW bonuses. Guesting will allow players to visit other worlds as guests as long as they have friends on those worlds.

Given the above, sticking with Jade Quarry as release world makes some sense, though I’d advise NOT using any Tomes you have there for the first 24 hours so we get a chance to ensure that we’re going to fit on the world. I’d hate to see people lose their Tomes if we ended up having to transfer and the influence points were locked to the old world.

And yes, ArenaNet HAVE confirmed that ALL guild influence and upgrades are locked to the world in which they were earned. So being split amongst worlds (even with guesting) would mean that we couldn’t work together for upgrades/couldn’t share upgrade benefits. That sucks. 🙁

Final list of Worlds for Release

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Information is coming fast this morning!

ArenaNet have now also published their final list of worlds for release here:

Seems to mainly match the list of worlds at bwe3, with a few additions. This raises the question of:

  • Do we stick to Jade Quarry – pros = everyone knows where we are, community seemed ok; cons = by day 3 of bwe3 it was full, so potential that people who haven’t prepurchased may get locked out.
  • Or do we move elsewhere, to one of the new server names so that we don’t double-up on everyone who also decides to “just stick with their bta world”.

There will be the ability to switch worlds for “a time” at release – don’t know how long that time is though. I’ve also seen full worlds drop back to high when reloading the world list a few times, so it is possible that people could still get across to JQ even if at the first instant they try it lists as full.

My temptation is to stick with JQ because people know it – it’s the easier choice – but I’d like some feedback. What’s your thoughts?

Guild Wars 2 Release Times

ArenaNet have posted a page to their website with the official release times:

Prepurchase headstart officially releases at midnight 25th ArenaNet’s time – which is 5pm on the 25th for Melbourne. However, they have stated that the servers may open up to 3 hours early – so any time from 2pm Melbourne time onwards.

I’m sure people will send messages around when the servers do come up, but for people with evening plans that day I thought letting you know in advance that you might be able to play during the afternoon would be appreciated. 😀

Blizzard Servers Hacked, Diablo 3 Account details leaked

Ok – this one is not Guild Wars 2 related, but it’ll affect several people in the Guild so I figured it important enough to add to the site.

The US BattleNet servers at Blizzard were hacked this week, with the intruders stealing email addresses, the encrypted form of passwords, authenticator token codes, and the security question/answer for lost password/account verification. Billing details were not touched/still considered safe.

Full details here:

If you had a Diablo 3 account on the US Servers, your details are likely to have been some of those stolen. Their FAQ for how to deal with the issues caused by this incident is here:

Stress test tomorrow and Headstart time updated

ArenaNet are running a 4 hour stress test tomorrow morning between 5am and 9am Melbourne time. Details here.

They have also confirmed the real start time for the Headstart event on facebook

For those of you looking forward to headstart, it will begin on August 25 at 00:00 PACIFIC Time. ~RB2

Not only was their counter not correctly anchored in timezone, but it was also counting down to the wrong time in their timezone! Start time is midnight ArenaNet time, so 5pm Melbourne time on the 25th (our original guess). Event calendar has been updated to match, with the link to where they confirmed the time.

Guild Application now available


How to apply

Follow the Register link in the left sidepane, or click on the Log In button and follow the register link on that page. Let us know who you are, and some way to contact you in-game so that we can send the guild invite to you. The GW2 forum display name that you create when registering your GW2 account (that “Name.Number” one) is the ideal contact – it’s not part of your game log in credentials and is intended to be your publicly visible contact. We can use that handle to send you a guild invite regardless of whether you have a character created yet (so the invite can be set up and waiting for when you log in to the game for the first time). You can check what your handle is by logging into the official Guild Wars 2 website.

Please note that Guild applications will be checked by an admin – this is just to make sure that random spammers around the world don’t sign up and start spamming posts/events on the site (and to make sure that we know or get a chance to know the people in the guild 😉 ).

If you run into any problems with submitting the application, please leave a comment here with details of the issue, so that we can investigate what went wrong and fix it.