Dynamic Crafting Guides


These guides are maintained/created by xanthic.9478, and hosted on his site at http://gw2crafts.net/. The buy/sell/make lists are updated about once per hour, and use gw2spidy to check the current materials costs to use as a basis for calculating the lowest overall cost way to level the craft (taking into account what crafts could be sold, etc).

The FAQ for the site is: http://gw2crafts.net/faq.html

If you’re going to buy the items for the craft all at once, remember to save the guide you’re buying from using the PDF link to refer back to, as the online guide WILL update based on the current trading post (otherwise what it says to craft in 3 days time won’t match what you bought today to craft with).

“Normal” guides aim for lowest overall cost, and will craft several different items per tier if that is cheaper. “Fast” guides choose one item per 25 point tier and then finishes that tier with just that item (except for 375 non-cooking guides). Fast tend to be a bit more expensive as a result, but less fiddly/can do while watching TV/etc.

The PDF files are generated on-demand using the API from http://www.convertapi.com/web-pdf-api to convert the current gw2crafts.net page into a PDF file.



Many cooking items are only available for karma purchase, and several of the vendors are scattered throughout the world. The cooking guides are broken into 3 possibilities:

  • Using any/all karma vendors
  • Using a max of 5 non-crafting-master karma vendors
  • Using only the crafting-master karma vendor

Normal, with karma vendor purchases: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/cooking_karma.html
Normal, with a few karma vendor purchases: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/cooking_karma_light.html
Normal, with only crafting master purchases: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/cooking.html
Fast, with karma vendor purchases: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/cooking_karma_fast.html
Fast, with a few karma vendor purchases: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/cooking_karma_fast_light.html
Fast, with only crafting master purchases: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/cooking_fast.html


Normal: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/jewelcraft.html
Fast: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/jewelcraft_fast.html


Normal: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/artificing.html
Fast: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/artificing_fast.html


Normal: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/huntsman.html
Fast: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/huntsman_fast.html


Normal: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/weaponcraft.html
Fast: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/weaponcraft_fast.html


Normal: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/armorcraft.html
Fast: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/armorcraft_fast.html


Normal: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/leatherworking.html
Fast: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/leatherworking_fast.html


Normal: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/tailor.html
Fast: Current PDFhttp://gw2crafts.net/tailor_fast.html

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