Karma changes incoming

With today’s patch, ArenaNet made the following changes to karma consumables:

  • Karma consumables will no longer be affected by boosts (icecream, karma store boost, guild bonuses, ascended utility boosts).
  • Karma consumables will be increased by 50% above what they used to be worth.

This however meant that people who had been saving up their karma jugs to drink with boosts suddenly lost a ton of value (since they went from having a potential 95-107% boost down to a flat 50%).

ArenaNet have temporarily reverted this change because they had intended to notify players before implementing it, and had forgotten to.

You have until the content patch on the 3rd September to drink karma consumables with boosts, before the above changes will take effect. We do have a guild-karma-boost day planned for Sun 25th Aug, so do try to make that if you want to drink karma with boosts active. If you cannot make that, please let us know what times are possible for you (comment below, or talk with Melana/Lhi in-game is fine), so that we can plan an additional karma day to give everyone the chance to take advantage of it before it’s gone!

Ref: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/info/news/Karma-Changes-Temporary-Rollback/

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