Living Story Season 2

The patch for the second living story season gets released next week (2nd June 2014). As part of the changes, ALL living story “episodes” will have some permanent content that essentially extends the personal story of all characters on your account.

You’ll need to log in once each cycle (so once every 2 weeks) to unlock the new story missions on your account. Then the unlocked episode will be permanently available to any character you ever create.

ArenaNet: Introducing the Story Journal.

Big changes coming to GW2 in 15th April patch

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Hi everyone,

There’s a large feature pack being released on the 15th April, featuring major changes to:

  • Traits – trait points & how they’re earned is changing, trait unlocking is changing, new traits are being added.
  • Dyes – now account bound. Any dyes that you have on more than one character will get you a new unid’d dye for each duplicate as recompense.
  • An armor/weapons wardrobe system (which allows you amongst other things to create a legendary once and then have that for each character on your account).
  • Critical Damage system is being changed.
  • Changes to sigils, their activations & cooldowns, two handed weapons will be able to have 2 sigils.
  • Some changes to runes
  • Some changes to LFG & guild window.
  • Further as-yet undisclosed changes.

The page collating this information is on the GW2 site here, and they’ve been releasing information a bit at a time, so you may want to keep an eye on it over the next week.

Karma changes incoming

With today’s patch, ArenaNet made the following changes to karma consumables:

  • Karma consumables will no longer be affected by boosts (icecream, karma store boost, guild bonuses, ascended utility boosts).
  • Karma consumables will be increased by 50% above what they used to be worth.

This however meant that people who had been saving up their karma jugs to drink with boosts suddenly lost a ton of value (since they went from having a potential 95-107% boost down to a flat 50%).

ArenaNet have temporarily reverted this change because they had intended to notify players before implementing it, and had forgotten to.

You have until the content patch on the 3rd September to drink karma consumables with boosts, before the above changes will take effect. We do have a guild-karma-boost day planned for Sun 25th Aug, so do try to make that if you want to drink karma with boosts active. If you cannot make that, please let us know what times are possible for you (comment below, or talk with Melana/Lhi in-game is fine), so that we can plan an additional karma day to give everyone the chance to take advantage of it before it’s gone!


GW2: Jan 2013 update – Flame and Frost (Prelude)

ArenaNet have released information on the January 2013 content patch for GW2:

Flame and Frost: Prelude

January 28

The sky falls and the ground shakes in the lands of the north. Charr and norn refugees crawl from the wreckage of their homes in the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau, struggling to find shelter in the south. The call goes out for volunteers to assist the victims in this time of need, when earth and sky seem to have become the enemy…

Flame and Frost: Prelude is the prologue to a multi-stage narrative that will bring big changes to Guild Wars 2 in the months to come.

New Features

Temple of the Silent Storm Week

From January 28—February 4 the regular eight-team/three-round paid tournaments will be replaced by two-team/single-round paid tournaments in the Temple of the Silent Storm map. After the week is over, we’ll add Temple of the Silent Storm to the regular rotation of both free and paid tournaments.

Improved Achievement System

We’re adding a new rotation of daily achievements to add variety and encourage you to explore the open world. You’ll get different achievements every day of the week and a new achievement tracker in the UI to make it easier to track your progress.

New Achievement Laurels

You’ll earn these brand-new laurels as a reward for daily and monthly achievements!

Redeem these laurels for rewards like the new Ascended gear and Infusions!


With the new guesting system, you can play with friends on other worlds in the same region (North America, Europe) without changing your homeworld. Guesting is free, but going forward there will be a gem fee for transferring home worlds, so make sure you’re on the home world you want to permanently play on before 28 January!

New Utility Infusions and Ascended Amulets

We’re adding a wide range of new gear that can be purchased with the new laurels.

With 5 new Utility Infusions and 30 Ascended Amulets to choose from, there’s something for every style of player.

More Upgrades and Improvements

We’re making a ton of other improvements to the game this month, such as enhanced performance in WvW, tweaks to the dynamic level adjustment system, and UI improvements, which will be detailed in our release notes.

New Items in the Gem Store

It’s a new year, which means all-new items and a redesigned favorite in the Gem Store!

From Baby Quaggan Backpacks to Riding Brooms to the revamped Box o’ Fun, you’ll find it all in the Gem Store!

Guesting coming 28th Jan

The guesting feature has been announced to be released in the January content patch, due 28th Jan. Full post on the ArenaNet site at

With guesting, account transfers to other worlds will cost gems, so it’s important that if you have any friends that join the game you make sure that they’re aware of what server you’re on if they want to play WvW with you.

A summary of how guesting will work:

  • At the character select screen, choose World Selection
  • Select a world from the list, and choose “Guest”
  • That world is now eligible to play on for the next 24 hours
  • You can have up to 2 worlds that you are guesting on in any 24h period
  • You cannot play WvW for a world you are guesting on – you get put back on your own world if you select WvW
  • Guild influence/bonuses/upgrades are still tied to the world you’re currently playing on – i.e. if you’re guesting on a world that is not Jade Quarry, the influence is sent to the other world and you will not get the Jade Quarry guild benefits while you are over there. 🙁
  • You can only guest on worlds in the same region (i.e. US worlds when you “live” on Jade Quarry).
  • The cost in gems for transfer will depend on the population of the server. Given that Jade Quarry is one of the high-pop servers, it’ll be in the most expensive transfer category – making it more important for new friends to sign up to the right world at the start (if they want to be on the same world, that is 😉 ).
  • Even with paid transfers, you will not be able to transfer to a “full” world. Likewise, transfers will still be restricted to once per week.

Colin Johanson: GW2 in the Months Ahead

New ArenaNet news post:

Some additional clarifications:


  • Achievements will start earning crowns, that can be used to buy gear/consumables/etc. (Initially daily/monthly only, expanding to all achievements). These crowns are account wide, and do not take inventory space (show up like karma/money on the inventory interface, but account-bound not character-bound)
  • Daily achievements will start having variation, and eventually become a “do 4 of 6”.
  • Adding guild quests
  • Expanding events throughout existing world areas
  • Improving the “looking for group” tool to make it easier to find other players to play with in the game.
  • The improvements and fixes to the Fractal dungeons, detailed in Isaiah Cartwright’s blog post here.
  • “Improving reward systems” so that players are encouraged to revisit past world areas
  • Paid server transfers/guesting
  • Culling improvements/reduction of culling in WvW
  • “A system of prestige and advancement specifically designed for WvW”
  • sPvP observer mode, ranking, ladder, custom/hosted matches

Note that this is the long-term plans for the first 1/2 of this year – not all of it is going to be released this month ;). Exact dates for any of it haven’t been specified…

GW2 Wintersday 2012 Event Details updated

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There’s been more details released about the Wintersday event, so our event page here has been updated with the schedule of events (in Melbourne timezone).

The first five days are going to be a series of 24h visits to one of the Racial cities (visiting all 5 over the course of the 5 days), and while Tixx the Toymaker is in each city there will be special events available in that city.

After those 5 days are over, Tixx arrives in Lion’s Arch, and the Toypocalypse event (instance?) becomes available. All events from the 5 days of visiting are ALSO available for replay from then until the end of the Wintersday event.

Good news: there are NO one-time-only events. Even the 1-day visits are replayable later, so hopefully we won’t have people missing out this time. Low level characters will be automatically scaled to level 80 for the Wintersday events, so everyone can participate!

Snowball fights, a jumping puzzle, a musical event, special instances, Wintersday-specific items and crafting recipes will all be available.

For more details, visit the official ArenaNet page:

GW2: Stage 4 of Halloween

Details for the final stage for Halloween have been released, and uploaded to our calendar here. This is a heads up – if you want to do the Mad King’s mini-dungeon that opened in Stage 3, you MUST do it before the start of Stage 4 – which pretty much means TONIGHT. The door is in Lion’s Arch where the Lion Statue used to be (Thorn blew the statue up). All characters level 2-80 can enter the dungeon, you’ll be scaled up to level 80 automatically, and it takes about 10-15 minutes (a little longer the first time while you work out what it happening).

To attend the party in Stage 4, log into game some time on Thursday and drop into Lion’s Arch. The party is non-stop, so whenever you get a chance drop in for a minute or two.

Halloween 2012

ArenaNet have released some information about the upcoming Halloween festival for GW2:

Coming Soon

Halloween is almost here.
There’s a baleful moon on the rise and a chill in the air.
Ghosts bemoan their lonesome graves,
and bats in the belfry grow restless and crazed.
Prepare your costume; get ready for sweets.
It’s almost time to shout, “Trick or treat!”

Shadow of the Mad King

Release Overview

Halloween has a long history in Tyria, and in times past was always marked by the spirit of Mad King Thorn cavorting among the people unleashing his own brand of insanity. However, it’s been over 250 years since he was last seen, and for most people he is merely a figure of folklore. Despite this, rumors persist among the populace that something wicked this way comes.

Shadow of the Mad King is the first major game release for Guild Wars 2 and will go live on October 22. This new game update will include a number of new features for all of our players to enjoy, new content to explore and see, and a week-long Halloween event.

Release Highlights


Halloween is coming! Festivities are afoot, and Tyria will be transformed with decorations, new mini-games, new dynamic events, and more. Despite the celebrations there are those who dread the coming of Halloween and all that it may bring, for it is the time of year when barriers between the realms are weakest. Be prepared for an epic adventure in four acts starting October 22 and running until October 31.

Black Lion Trading Company

Never one to miss out on an opportunity, Evon Gnashblade has stocked all new items at the Black Lion Trading Company, including Halloween costumes and new transforms that will allow you to play Costume Brawl with fellow costumed players.

PvP Paid Tournaments

Paid tournaments will be available for competitive, five-person teams. These tournaments require tickets to enter and give better prizes than normal tournaments. Participating teams will earn qualifier points that will allow them to compete in future, larger tournaments. Tournament tickets can be earned from winning normal tournaments or purchased in the Gem Store.

Tyria Evolving

The world continues to evolve with new events, jumping puzzles, bosses, mini-dungeons, and achievements appearing across a variety of maps.

GW2: Maintenance hour this evening

From facebook:

At midnight PDT (3 hours from now) we will be bringing the servers down for maintenance. The estimated downtime will be between 20 – 60 min. Thank you for your patience. ~RB

The server will be shutting down at 5pm Melbourne time this evening, and is expected to be offline for 20-60 minutes.

No information on what is actually being done during this time, but I figured people would appreciate the warning.

EDIT: The game came back up at 5:30pm, so it was down for about 30 minutes 🙂